How to manage our publication list on the Internet

An active research group like ours will sometimes want its publications to be presented on the group home page. This means that one has to produce a few HTML pages with the relevant information. Links to download the papers would be an especially welcome feature on the web.

There are a number of solutions to this problem:

For a number of reasons, we could not adopt any of these solutions. Our way out of the problem is based on the following observation: This is what we did. It did not work out until the end, but nearly. (The problem is that we wanted abstracts in separate html files, and BibTeX can only write into a single file.)

We thus proudly present:

the BibTeX style file
a PERL script to do the last fine tunings
a short unix/linux script that moves the files into the appropriate directories
You just need a BibTeX database with the following additional entries
Possible values: s = submitted, tbp = accepted for publication, p = published (default value if the field is missing or empty)
Location of the eprint on the preprint server.
Example: eprint = {quant-ph/9906128}.
A link to an electronic journal is created if the field value starts with `http'.
localps, localpssize
localpdf, localpdfsize
Name(s) of electronic file(s) that is/are made available for download PostScript is understood in most research departments, the Portable Document Format also made its way into the Wi-do-s world. A link is created to this file in the subdirectory ../Preprints/.
Address of the person that may be contacted for hard copy p/reprints.
If no `@' character appears, our domain name `' is appended.
None of these entries is mandatory, but the style file will produce a warning if it cannot figure out the correct combination.

Current performances

To show what the program is able to do currently, use the following templates:
an example database file with three typical article entries.
the auxiliary file TeX would create when run on `sample.tex', and read in by BibTeX.
Copy the files sample.bib, sample.aux, bib2html.bst,, and shuffle into some directory. Create the subdirectories Publications and Abstracts.

From a unix/linux terminal (or a DOS command window) type in

This should produce a file sample.bbl. Then make the file executable and type in This should produce the files publist.html, einstein05a.html, henkel97b.html, and henkel99a.html. Now make the file shuffle executable and type in This moves the file publist.html to Publications/index.html and all other files with the suffix .html (hopefully the abstract files and nothing else) to Abstracts/.

With an Internet browser, you can now open the file Publications/index.html. Clicking on the titles of the papers, you reach the abstract. The links to the .pdf preprint does not work because there is no file (and possibly no subdirectory Preprints).

Current limitations = work for you


Enjoy, interact, and participate! Our communication information is given right below.

S. Pötting & C. Henkel, 21 july 1999.